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I have purchased a product from your company for my research work, I would like to know if the the product antibody can also detect the cleaved caspase -8 subunits,larger subunit p18 and smaller subunit p10, along with 55kDa . As it is imp for me to detect cleaved caspase 8 subunits for my research work. I have also read the product datasheet and it has confused me as it has not been mentioned clearly. The product datasheet reads , Specificity-A synthetic peptide corresponding to residues in human Caspase-8 was used as an immunogen. Please help me out regarding it. Product details caspase-8 rabbit monoclonal antibody clone ID: EPR162.


The immunogen sequence is considered proprietary information. The sequence is a 30-amino acid sequence within the larger range of amino acids from 200 - 250 of the human protein sequence that is given in the UniProt entry at this link:

Part of the sequence is in the p18 subunit and part of it is in the N-terminus propeptide. The western blot data on the datasheet suggests that the antibody is not capable of detecting the p18 subunit, or the smaller p10 subunit.

By comparison, the mouse monoclonal antibody ab119809 (clone M382) appears to be capable of detecting the full-length inactive caspase 8 and also the p10 subunit. However, we do not know of any published data for this clone.

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