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Hello, I'm interested in purchasing the anti-calcium sensing receptor antibody that was raised against amino acids 374-391 of the human calcium-sensing receptor (also known as the anti-calcium sensing receptor LRG antibody). My intention is to use this antibody for flow cytometry. I have previously purchased another anti-calcium sensing receptor antibody (ab19347), but it appears that this antibody was not suitable for flow cytometry. After some literature search, it seems like I need the LRG antibody mentioned above. Does Abcam have this antibody for sale? Please let me know asap. I'm looking forward to your response! Thanks,  


Thank you for contacting us. The amino acid 374 -391 falls more towards N-terminal end of the protein; this sequence is present in the extracellular domain which extends from amino acid 20 to 612 ( The sequence homology shows the suitability of 6 antibodies ab19347 ab27493 ab31212 ab79038 ab18200 ab79829    Unfortunately none of these antibodies are tested in Flow Cytometry. However this does not mean the antibodies are not suitable for FLow Cytometry this only mean we do not have tested data to confirm the positive or negative results.   Even ab19347 is not tested in flow Cytometry so I would suggest using this antibody in Flow Cytometry as normal. We are happy in providing help with troubleshooting if the antibody fails. In case you are interested in buying new anti Calcium sensing receptor antibody; I can check if the purchase is eligible for Abreview testing discount programme. You have to provide us the cell line details; we will then create a discount code for you. The discount code will be active once you use the antibody in Flow Cytomery and submit an Abreview. The code will give you next antibody free of charge in exchange of a Flow Cytometry positive or negative Abreview. Contact me for discount code if you are interested in this offer. Please check our website at the following link for compatible secondary antibodies; ab79091 Rat monoclonal [SB84a] Secondary Antibody to Mouse IgG2a - gamma chain (ab79091) I hope this information is helpful to you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any more advice or information.  

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