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We're looking for an antibody that targets the mouse Slc7a1 receptor for immunocytochemistry. Your AB37588 antibody shows that it reacts with this receptor in the mouse species, along with AB123956 which reacts with the human receptor. I have several questions:

1. Will both of these antibodies react with the mouse Slc7a1 receptor for purposes of immunocytochemistry or immunohistochemistry? If yes, do you have any images you can send for examples of its application?

2. What is the amino acid sequence and species of the immunogen?

3. Can you recommend a more effective antibody to label the mouse receptor, if you carry one?

4. Are you aware of any publications that have used these specific Abs? If yes, could you supply any relevant references?

5. Do you currently have thee eantibodies in stock?

6. Do you sell sample sizes?

7. Do you have a Canadian distributor?


Thank you for contacting us.

The anti-SLC7A1 antibody ab37588 has been tested for reactivity with PFA-fixed, frozen mouse spinal chord by IHC. An image of the stain and a brief description of the protocol are available on the online datasheet. We are not aware of any other IHC or ICC testing. We know of one publication that used ab37588, and it is listed at the bottom of the online datasheet.

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The immunogen for ab37588 is 76% conserved in the mouse protein,

The antibody ab123956 has not, to our knowledge, been tested for reactivity with mouse samples or in any application other than western blotting. We are not aware of any publications for this antibody.

The human amino acid range that the immunogen is derived from, aa 428-457, LVLRYQPEQPNLVYQMASTSDELDPADQNE, has 83% identity with the mouse protein.

I am waiting for the originating laboratory to send alignment results for the exact immunogen sequence, contained within the range above.

Antibody ab37588 is in stock and available for delivery 2 days after placing your order directly with Abcam. Antibody ab123956 is not in stock and will be delivered 1-2 weeks after placing your order. Orders can also be placed through our Canadian distributor, Cedarlane, but we recommend placing orders directly through Abcam for fastest delivery.

We do not have samples sizes for the antibodies. We do have a testing discount program for untested applications and species, which are not covered by our guarantee.

I hope this information is helpful to you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any more advice or information about the testing discount program.

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