Question (12189) | Anti-CCR5 antibody (ab7346)

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This email is additional information for my previous email whichi subject is "Question about antibody and peptid". I forgot to ask you how pure they are and which method these peptides have been purified by. Thank you for your cooperation. ab2001, HREALEKDIKTSYIMDHC ab7346, SSPIYDINYYTSEPC ab3430, MSDFDSNPFADPDLNNPC ab3346, MSAPAQPPAEGTEGAAPGC ab3347, MSATAATVPPAAPAGEGGC Thank you for your cooperation


Thank you again for your enquiry. Regarding ab4969, ab4957, and ab4958 (the peptides corresponding to the antibodies you indicated), they are all greater than 95% pure, and they were purified via HPLC. If you have any further questions, please contact us again.

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