Question (19644) | CCRF-CEM nuclear extract lysate (ab14642)

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Do you have karyotype info on the CCRFCEM line that these nuclear lysates came from? I have been working with CEM-C7 and CEM C1 cells and would like to utilitze your lysate as a positive control, but want to make sure the karyotype is the same.


Thank you for your enquiry. This extract was prepared from the parental cell line CCRF-CEM (ATCC number CCL-119) Karyotype: modal number = 47; range = 41 to 95. Fifty karyotypes showed no consistent loss or gain of particular chromosomes. Twenty-eight percent of the cells with 45 chromosomes were C-; 53% of all cells had an extra D and 35% had an extra F. Only N1 and N18 were not affected by gain or loss. No marker chromosomes noted. I hope this information will help you, please let me know if I can be of further assistance,

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