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Good morning,

I wish to have specific information for the monoclonal antibodies of human CD38 available on your web site. More specifically, I would like to know the nature of the immunogen used to raise those monoclonal antibodies (e.g. amino acid sequence, or CD38 fragment). In other words, I am trying to identify the region of the CD38 protein where these antibodies bind.

The following catalogue # are the monoclonal antibodies for CD38 available from your company:


I truly hope you will be able to assist me or orient me toward someone else who could help answering my questions.


Thank you for your enquiry.

Having contacted the originators of these antibodies, we can let you know the following about the immunogens:

ab2577: Tissue / cell preparation (Human thymocytes in foetus). According to our information the epitope mapping was not done. Only its location to the extracellular portion of the protein is known.

ab93941: Purified recombinant fragment of Human CD38 expressed in E. coli.The peptide maps between amino acids 171 and 292.

ab108403: A synthetic peptide corresponding to residues on the C terminus of Human CD38. The peptide maps between amino acids 275 and 300, on the C-terminus of human CD38 (UniProt: P28907).

ab49644: Recombinant fusion protein corresponding to the extracellular region of human CD38 molecule. Unfortunately, futher details of this immunogen sequence are not available.

ab1260: I am sorry but we do know the immunogen sequence or the range of amino acids or the region of the peptide from which it is derived. The producer of the hybridoma did not give us this kind of information.

ab34283: The details of the immunogen for this antibody are also not available.

ab75231: The antibody, CD 38 was raised to a prokaryotic recombinant protein corresponding to the extracellular region of the CD38 molecule. This region corresponds to amino acids 45-300. Unfortunately, the antibody has not been epitope mapped in order to determine the exact amino acid sequence to which it binds.

ab91390: This monoclonal was development using as immunogen whole cell of human acute lymphoblastic B leukaemia. The antibody has also not been epitope mapped.

ab9504: Nawalma cell line. The antibody has also not been epitope mapped.

We aim to provide as much information as possible to customers, so I am sorry that this has not entirely been possible on this occasion. I hope this information is nevertheless helpful to you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any more advice or information, or if we could be of any help in choosing the most suitable antibody for your experimental layout.

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