Question (48343) | Anti-CD81 antibody [EPR4244] (ab109201)

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Catalog number(s): 109201
Product(s): Rabbit monoclonal [EPR4244] to TAPA1

Survey results
Telephone section
Q. Did you contact Abcam's Scientific Support by telephone in reference to this complaint?
A. Yes
Q. Was it clear from the phone options which number you needed to press to get your issue resolved?
A. Yes

Protocol advice section
Q. Did Abcam's Scientific Support give you protocol advice?
Q. How did you feel about being given protocol advice?
A.I was not expecting to be given protocol advice, but was happy to receive this
Q. Did the product work successfully after following the advice?
Q. Why have you not tried the protocol advice? (Select all that apply.)

Free of charge replacement section
Q. Did Abcam's Scientific Support give you a free of charge replacement?
A. Yes

Q. Did the replacement product work successfully?
Credit note / refund section
Q. Did Abcam's Scientific Support give you a credit note or a refund?

Q. Would you have preferred a different outcome from receiving a credit note or refund?
Overall satisfaction section
Q. How satisfied are you with how the complaint was handled?
A.Very satisfied
Q. Could we have done anything to better resolve the problem?
Q. Would you mind if our scientific support team contacted you to better understand what happened and reach an agreeable solution?
A.No, I would not mind
Q. Please share with us any final thoughts you may have about Abcam, the complaints process, or our products.


Thank you for your participation in Abcam's post complaint survey.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you.

Also, if you have further questions to any of our products (e.g. primary antibodies, lysates, secondary antibodies, kits, controls, gels, proteins/peptides, slides, biochemicals, conjugation kits), please let me know as well.

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