Question (25765) | Anti-CDKN2A/p14ARF antibody (ab3642)

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Dear Abcam, I recently ordered and received ab3642 as detailed below.  However, when I used the antibody for a Western Blot two days after I received it (using the recommended dilution), I got a completely dark box (attached image).  The film was exposed for only 15 seconds and I have confirmed that the secondary antibody is working.  Is there a way that I can get either a replacement antibody or a refund since this antibody is completely unusable to me? Thanks,


Thank you for contacting us and letting us know about this issue. For our documentation, could you please answer a few additional questions about your protocol? 1) What kind of samples are run on the blot (species and type)? 2) What blocking solution is used (BSA or milk)? Is the antibody also diluted in the blocking solution? 3) What concentration of secondary antibody was used? I look forward to hearing from you. We do guarantee all of our products to work as stated in tested species and applications for up to 6 months after purchase, so I would be happy to issue a refund or send a replacement. We do have other CDKN2A antibodies, such as ab470- Please let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to help.

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