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Hello, We have tried to test two of your new CDKN3 antibodies (catalog numbers above) and unfortunately we have not been successful. We had been using another CDKN3 antibody from Abcam (ab64974) for years and it has consistently worked well, but now it is no longer available. Another Abcam CDKN3 antibody (ab72081) recognizes multiple non-specific bands, which is consistent with the Western image on the Abcam website. I was wondering whether you were able to show that ab119242 recognizes endogenous human CDKN3 - the image shown on the website demonstrates a band in lysate of cells overexpressing CDKN3 and no band in control lysate, suggesting that this antibody cannot recognize endogenous CDKN3. Is this correct? We were also wondering if ab118702 was shown to recognize human CDKN3. It is 'predicted' to react with the human protein but does not work in our hands.   And lastly, we were wondering if you would be willing to share the information regarding the origin of the ab64974 antibody you no longer offer. We would like to revive this option since this antibody worked perfectly well and we prefer to use the validated antibody as opposed to screening multiple primary CDKN3 antibodies available from other suppliers.   Please find a Western enclosed. We still had a small aliquot of the ab64974 antibody to use as a positive control.   Thank you very much from your help!


Thank you for contacting us. I am sorry that the other CDNK3 products have not been acceptable in your assays and that you have been experiencing issues when using ab119242. This product would be able to detect endogenous CDKN3, the cell line chosen for the blot should not express this protein. We attempt to share all data that we may have for a particular product on our datasheet. If you would like to share the details of your protocol with me I may be able to offer suggestions that may improve your results. The antibody is covered under our Abpromise for six months and is guaranteed to work in WB on human samples. If you are experiencing issues with this product and we cannot resolve the issue you are having, then I would be happy to either send a replacement antibody or to process a refund. Although I am unable to share information about the origin of ab64974, may I recommend searching for similar product using I hope this information is helpful to you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any more advice or information.

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