Question (14684) | Anti-CEBP Beta antibody [18F8] (ab15049)

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Product ab15049 is labeled a monoclonal antibody to CEBPG and the Entrez link provided, (1054 Human), confirms this. Unfortunately, BLAST searching the recognition sequence you have provided (MHRLLAWDAACLPPPAAFPKLH), I find this actually recognizes CEBPB, Entrez (1051 Human). Futher complicating things I find that this is actually the same recognition sequence you provide for your CEBPB antibody product ab18327. So the question, is this in fact an antibody for CEBPG and the wrong recognition sequence was provided or is this an antibody for CEBPB?


Thank you very much for pointing this out. This antibody, Ab15049, is actually a CEBPB antibody, not CEBPG as listed. I apologize for the error, and this will be corrected on the datasheet. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need anything further.

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