Question (53895) | Anti-CEBP Beta antibody [18F8] (ab15049)

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Inquiry: I have C/EBP beta antibody (ab15049). data sheet say that ab15049 only detect the LAP isoform of C/EBP beta. C/EBP beta has three isoforms like FL (full length), LAP and LIP. Sometimes, in western blot, FL and LAP can be hard to be distinguished. So my question is ab15049 detect only LAP or may detect FL also. please let me know


There are three isoforms of C/EBP Beta; LAP*(38kDa), LAP(35kDa) and LIP(20 kDa). Our information specifies that this antibody only detects LAP* or full length as you describe. The immunogen used to make this antibody covers amino acids 1-21 of the full amino acid sequence. LAP and LIP are missing the first 21 and 151 amino acids respectively, so the MA1-826 antibody should not detect them.

I hope this is helpful. Please contact me again if you have any further questions.

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