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I have one question regarding the cell viability assay kit (ab65314).
In the manual is not very clear to me if each sample should be read for 1 minute or not. I found 2 different indications:

The assay can be fully automatic for high throughput (10 seconds/sample) and is extremely sensitive (detects
10-100 mammalian cells/well) (page 3)
Read the sample for 1 minute in a luminometer (page 7).

And another question: if each sample such be read for 1 minute and I have a full plate it will take more than 1 hour to read the whole plate. Is the signal stabile enough?


Thank you for contacting us and for asking your question about the Cell Viability Assay Kit instructions.

The instruction on page 7 of the protocol to read the samples for one minute after adding the enzyme is mistaken. It should read:

"3. Add 5 μL ATP Monitoring Enzyme into the cell lysate. After 1 minute, read the samples in a luminometer."

The example given earlier in the protocol for high-throughput reading at 10 seconds per sample is correct but is only a suggestion. The amount of time required for reading each sample will vary depending on the instrument.

I apologize for the confusion. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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