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Dear Kate,

I just need to double check with you whether I am not wrong here.

The sequence you mention below is as you state aa 20-39. According to Uniprot ( the actual protein starts at amino acid 83.

Thus the antibody does only recognize the Pro form and not the mature form.

Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Thanks for looking into that again.

Best regards,


Thank you for your enquiry.

I can confirm that the immunogen for ab47027spans part of the signal peptide and the first propeptide so it should only detect full length unprocessed CGRP.

The immunogen sequence is:

The WB images we obtain when using this antibody generate a ˜15 kDa band which would also suggest it's the full length unprocessed protein that is being detected. I am sorry we have not tested it specifically for detection of the shorter mature form of CGRP in the laboratory, so we are not able to provide data to actually confirm that it would not detect.

I hope this will be helpful to you. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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