Question (31539) | Anti-cIAP2 antibody [E40] (ab32059)

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Hello, In my first email I mentioned that left picture with high background is the membrane incubated with monoclonal antibody. The right picture represents the polyclonal antibody. I did increase the contrast so the band would become visible.that is the reason having high background. Thank you


Thanks for your reply and for your patience while i have been in touch with the lab. I have heard back from the lab, and I don't see anything unusual in their protocol so I don't have a great explanation for these results. At this point, I would suggest trying a different BIRC3 antibody (though I know you've already tried 2). I've looked through the antibodies that we have to this target, and I think that ab23423 looks promising. The WB image on the datasheet shows some extra bands (thought to be cleavage fragments or non-specific bands), but we only have 1 complaint on this antibody since it has been sold. Ab23423 has also been used in 3 references. As I mentioned before, these antibodies are covered by our guarantee, so I can issued a credit or refund if you would prefer. I apologize for all of the difficulty with these antibodies, and I'm hopeful that we can identify one that will work for you. I look forward to hearing from you. Please let me know how you would like to proceed.

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