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Hi Abcam,
A customer has the following enquiry regarding AB19808, please see below;
Can you please ask Abcam for further detail regarding the use of ab19808 in WB with rat homogenates please.
We wish to use this specifically in 4-12% bis-tris precast gels with denatured proteins. We have included reducing agents in our gel but we can repeat without if necessary.
Can you confirm that this AB will work with our protocol.
Could you please help with the above?
Many thanks!
Kind regards,


Thank you for contacting us.

There isn’t a specific protocol for performing WB with this antibody. We recommend using reducing and denaturing conditions unless otherwise stated on the datasheet. For this particular antibody there isn’t a specific recommended dilution, so I would suggest trying several dilutions to determine the one that works better for your experiment. For purified antibodies, the starting recommended concentration is 1ug/ml.

In case it could be useful, I include the link to our protocol’s page, where you can find all the information relative to Western Blot protocols:

In any case, all of our products are covered by our Abpromise® guarantee, which ensures that you can trust our products, and they should work in the tested species and applications stated on the datasheet, or we will offer a replacement, credit, or refund, if reported within 6 months of purchase.

I hope this information is helpful to you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any more advice or information.

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