Question (76767) | Complex I Enzyme Activity Microplate Assay Kit (Colorimetric) (ab109721)

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I am planning to investigate the OXPHOS pathway in rat heart tissue. I have looked at your complex assays (ab109721, ab109908, ab109911 and ab109716) and your mitochondrial isolation kit for tissue (ab110168) and had a few questions: 1. Are the mitochondria isolated from the kit suitable for use on all of the above assays? 2. Is there any further treatment that is required before the isolated mitochondria can be used in each assay (i.e. incubation with detergent to isolate protein complex) or are they used directly into the plate? Thanks


1) Yes, the mitochondrial isoaltion kit is suitable for use with all kits listed.

2) Suspend the prepared mitochondria to 5.5 mg/mL as described in the attached document and follow from step 5 (adding detergent to mitochondia) to generate an extract suitable for all kits.

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