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At Abcam, we’re proud of the work we do and working with the right suppliers is an important part of achieving our mission. This section contains information about the legislation, regulation, and policies that are an important part of being a supplier to Abcam.

Values and standard practices

​​We share common values with our suppliers that allow us to achieve goals and grow sustainably together. We adhere to high standards of social, ethical and environmental conduct and we expect our suppliers to join us in committing to these standards. On our Business Ethics page, you will find links to our Employee Code of Conduct and our Supplier Code of Conduct.

Terms and conditions

The Abcam Terms and Conditions detail the standard terms of business by which we trade with suppliers. Follow the links to see our Terms and Conditions for the EU, US, China, Japan, and Hong Kong.

Existing suppliers

'Our Supplier Portal is now available to help you easily view and process orders, invoices, and other order-related transactions. To find out how to work with Abcam at an operational level please see our Supplier Policy.

You can learn more about our Supplier Portal in the links below. The training material on these pages will give you guidance on initial set up, how to tailor the portal to your needs, and how to manage orders, invoices and other activities

Becoming a supplier

We work with a wide range of suppliers, large and small, to procure goods and services. We do business with suppliers that share our commitment to excellence and quality. If you have been invited to become an Abcam supplier please, follow the instructions in the email you will have received.

Help and support

For any procurement related enquires please email

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