Antibody discovery using next-generation sequencing

Next generation sequencing (NGS) yields many more unique clones than traditional hybridoma methods.

  • Greater pool of candidates allows for increased success in finding an antibody that meets specifications
  • Better support of discovery efforts for functionally relevant monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) (eg diagnostic and therapeutic)
  • >5,000 unique antibody sequences support the resulting intellectual property (IP) portfolio for legal protection around target binding

NGS antibody workflow

Customization Outputs of NGS-based antibody selection

  • Rationally-selected mAbs
  • Sequences and plasmids for at least 30–50 sequence-diverse candidates, scalable to the consumer needs
  • Paired NGS data library capturing native VH-VL chains
  • IP-supportive portfolio of antibody sequences surrounding mAb leads and humanization advantage
  • NGS database for further data mining with bioinformatics support

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