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Fast Forward

The future of life science research

We’re looking forward to what the future holds for life science research. To do this, we’ve put together a series of fast, informative talks covering a full spectrum of research topics including epigenetics, cancer therapies, and more. Here you can watch top scientists Professor Steve Jackson, Dr Mark O’Connor, Dr Rab Prinjha, and Professor Antonella Riccio discuss their research and what they believe is yet to come for their fields.

Blue skies research to commercial outputs and patient benefits

How “blue skies” research is providing insights into mechanisms of human disease and leads to the alleviation of cancer and other human diseases.

By Professor Steve Jackson

Targeting the DNA damage response (DDR) to generate new cancer medicines

Discussing the opportunities and challenges associated with translating inhibitors of DDR into new medicines for cancer patients.

By Dr Mark O'Connor

Epigenetic function and dysfunction in human disease

The barriers that exist for advancing new epigenetic-based therapies for cancers and diseases of the immune system. 

By Dr Rab Prinjha

The secret life of RNA in neurons

A mechanism for RNA transport processing in neurons and how the 3’UTR of localized transcripts undergo remodeling to generate a new class of non-coding RNA.

By Professor Antonella Riccio

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