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Enhance your purchasing experience with Abcam eProcurement


You need efficiency and simplicity in your purchasing systems, and we understand that. We now offer a variety of eCatalog solutions tailored to your organization's needs.

Partnering with Abcam on eProcurement in 3 simple steps

1.     Evaluation of your organization's requirements

2.     Implementation and testing of integrated system

3.     Switching to a live environment

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Catalog types

Hosted catalog

A hosted catalog with us will allow you to view a static listing of our products within your eProcurement platform environment.

Punchout catalog

A punchout catalog will allow you to shop with the Abcam experience including product reviews, data sheets, real-time availability, and more, all within the confines of your eProcurement environment. For added functionality, Level II is supported.

Which catalog fits your organization?

Real-time pricingYesNo
Product imagesMultipleSingle
Product descriptionExpandedBasic
Data sheetsYesNo
Product availabilityYesNo
Contact informationYesNo
Product Q&AYesNo
Product updatesContinuousDelayed
Publication referencesYesNo
Suggested productsYesNo
Return policyYesNo

Our partners

We are constantly adding new eProcurement platforms. If your provider is not listed below, please get in touch.

  • Jaggaer
  • Ariba
  • Science Warehouse
  • Coupa
  • ​Hubwoo
  • Perfect Commerce
  • ESM Solutions
  • LabCloud
  • Prodigo
  • Intramalls

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