How to cite our products in your paper

Help us properly cite your published research and enable scientists to discover more.

​​Research and discovery progresses at an incredible speed when others can reproduce experiments from publications. A recent study which analyzed journal articles found that​1

54% of resources are not uniquely identifiable in publications, regardless of domain, journal impact factor, or reporting requirements.

Because of this, it's often difficult for scientists to repeat successful protocols and expand upon published research. 

Our References team searches through past and recent publications to provide the most accurate and current data on each datasheet.

citing abcam

References can be found on our datasheets

​Even with a dedicated team, a number of publications do not include full details and this can potentially slow down another scientist's research if the exact product cannot be identified after reading the publication.

How to cite Abcam

  • State Abcam as the source of the antibody
  • Include the catalog abID#
  • Mention the tested applications and dilution ranges
  • Mention the species samples experimented on

We ask that if you are publishing with an Abcam product that you please email us a PDF copy of your paper for transparency. Our References team can be reached by email at

Take advantage of our Abreview® program

If you are getting ready to publish your discovery with an Abcam product, why not submit an Abreview? When scientists review our products, we publicly display all positive and negative feedback on our datasheets in order to ensure the most honest data is available to the research community.

When an Abreview has been submitted, Abpoints are awarded which can be redeemed for a future purchase with Abcam.


1. ​​Vasilevsky NA, Brush MH, Paddock H, Ponting L, Tripathy Sj et al. (2013) On the reproducilibility of science: unique identification of research resources in the biomedical literature. PeerJ 1:e148


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