Top 7 protocols for life scientists

The essential protocols for all new researchers.

Having to trawl through old protocols from manuals, your lab's former post-docs, or cryptic messages from your supervisor can be a painful endeavor. To combat this, we've pulled out the most useful protocols we can think of so that you can just jump straight into running your experiments and getting results.

Western blot
This includes solutions and reagents, procedures, and useful links to guide you through your experiment.

Counting cells
Easily get viable cell counts from cells in suspension using a hemocytometer.

Detect target antigens in cells using fluorescent antibodies or dyes.

Step-by-step IHC protocols for paraffin, frozen, and free-floating sections, plus a helpful guide on signal amplification.

A complete protocol for IP that includes reagents and a table to help you choose the correct protein beads.

In situ hybridization
From probe choice to DIG-labeling, this protocol takes you through ISH step-by-step.

Flow cytometry
A protocol for direct flow cytometry using a conjugated primary antibody.

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