US sales tax FAQs

Find everything you need to know about US sales tax and why you may be affected by these charges.

Why am I being charged US Sales Tax?

Following recent changes in tax legislation, Abcam is now required to charge Sales Tax on sales to customers in certain States.


What if I am exempt from Sales Tax?

Please provide your valid Sales Tax Exemption Certificate via email to


If I am exempt, do I need to send an exemption certificate for every order?

If you hold a blanket exemption certificate, you will need to send it with your first order, and also after renewal, if it expires. Single-use exemptions, however, are usually tied to a specific purchase order and can only be used once, so we will require a new certificate for each order. If you have questions about your type of exemption, please talk to your finance department.


What if I self-assess Use Tax?

If your organization reports and pays their own use tax on purchases, please submit a copy of your direct pay permit and/or a statement that taxes due will be remitted by you to the relevant authorities.


Why am I being charged sales tax for one state while my organization is in another state?

Sales tax is calculated based on the shipping destination. If you ship into a different state, you may see sales tax charges reflected.


Why is sales tax on my invoice but not my order confirmation?

Sales tax is finalized as part of our internal invoicing process, at which time your order will be adjusted to reflect a final sales tax charge for your shipping location.


My invoice is incorrect for sales tax (e.g. exempt but has tax, non-exempt but no tax), how do I receive a corrected copy?

Please message and reference your order number to receive a corrected invoice. If you are exempt please include a copy of your exemption certificate.

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