Validating our products

Activity, stability and performance are important checks carried out by our laboratories in the US, Europe and China to ensure we produce high quality products.

Our stringent quality control and validation processes use a variety of techniques, including western blot, ICC/IF, IHC, flow cytometry, ELISA, ChIP, IP and peptide array.

Whether it is antibodies, kits or biochemicals the validation process is continuous and the data obtained is available on our product datasheets and protocols. This ensures our products are of a high standard.

RabMAb 2301 1 GFAP mouse brain

Section of the frontal cortex of a mouse adult brain showing astrocytes, using a rabbit monoclonal antibody (RabMab) against GFAP (ab68428). Data obtained by our Hangzhou lab.

Following the latest scientific advances

Up-to-date scientific knowledge is fed into the validation process by a team of dedicated scientists that research the most recent scientific papers.

The team thoroughly analyze the results obtained in our labs to guarantee the quality of our products and that all information is accurate and available to our customers.

ab120115 whole cell and whole cell lysates composite holding

WB data for lysates of HeLa cells treated with camptothecin (DNA topoisomerase inhibitor) and blotted for γH2A.X (ab2893). Camptothecin induces the expression of γH2A.X as described in literature. Data obtained by our Cambridge lab.

Working with academia and customers

We work closely with our collaborators and customers to perform specialized testing. This assures that our customers get products that have reproducible quality.

Peer reviews (Abreviews) are obtained from these tests and are published to datasheets, offering honest feedback on our products.

ab53358 rev8827

ICC/IF image of HeLa cell stained for MAPRE1 (red, ab53358), tubulin (green) and nucleus (blue). MAPRE1 associates to the MT network at the growing distal tip of MTs and is enriched at the centrossome. Image courtesy of an abreview submitted by Dr. Kirk McManus.

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