I can’t see any product in the vial

What should I do if I can’t see any product in the vial?

Freeze dried products often cause concern as they are sometimes difficult to see with the naked eye. Here we explain why there is no need to worry.

Typical freeze dried products that you often expect to see are shown in the first example below. The image on the left depicts a dyed example of a product and the image on the right is an undyed product.

In this case it is easy to see the product in the bottom of the container. However, freeze dried products can also take the form of a smear around the vial.

The second example below shows several ways these products can distribute around a vial.

The left and middle image are examples of a dyed product, which make the process easier to visualize, and the image on the right (an undyed product) demonstrates how, although the products is present, it may appear invisible.

You will be able to see a smear around the edge of the vial as the product has coated the walls of the vial.

In cases such as these, it is therefore important that you ensure the solvent comes into contact with all areas of the vial when solubilizing your product.

We would recommend carefully spinning the vial to make sure all contents have been fully dissolved prior to use. 

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