Question (42055) | Anti-Corneodesmosin/S protein antibody (ab90517)

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I am writing to request details with regards to the specific immunogen (i.e. amino acids on CDSN that antibody binds to)for the Rabbit polyclonal to Corneodesmosin (ab90517) antibody.
In addition, please provideinformationabout Corneodesmosin proteins supplied by Abcam that the above-mentioned antibody (Rabbit polyclonal to Corneodesmosin (ab90517) antibody) can bind to.


The immunogen sequence (exact sequenceis proprietary)correspondingto ab90517 is located in the N-terminal region of the Corneodesmosin protein.

Unfortunatelythe onlytwoCorneodesmosinproteinswe have in our catalogarerecombinant fragmentsthatdo not matchthe region recognised by ab90517.

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