Question (37826) | Anti-COX1 / Cyclooxygenase 1 antibody [EPR5866] (ab109025)

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I am looking for a good COX-1 antibody that will specifically pick up a truncated form of COX-1 that I have generated. I found yourab109025 COX-1 monoclonal antibody which appears to give a strong signal, but I am wondering if you have any more information on the epitope that it recognizes. I realize that this may be proprietary information, but I am hoping that you could tell me whether it would detect a COX-1 mutant that is missing the first ˜215 amino acids. If this antibody does not, do you have any recommendations for an antibody that would detect this truncated form?


Thank you for contacting Abcam.

The antibody ab109025 would not recognize the protein that is missing the first 250 amino acids. The peptide maps between amino acids 120 and 145 of human Prostaglandin G/H synthase 1/COX1 (UniProt: P23219).

I would recommend ab2338 as we know that this antibody is raised to the C-terminal end.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

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