Question (47613) | Anti-CPT1A antibody [8F6AE9] (ab128568)

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Thank you for your email.
Then, ab128568 and ab22604 are applicale to liver sample?
Please check one more time.

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Thank you for your inquiry.

Yes, I can confirm that for both of these antibodies liver samples are a good positive control.

ab22604: This antibody gave a positive signal in Human, Rat and mouse liver tissue lysates.

ab128568: Please use one ofthe following aspositive control:HepG2, H9C2, H4IIE Whole Cell Lysates; Rat heart mitochondrial, Human liver, Rat liver and Mouse liver homogenates;

Please see the datasheets for moreinformation: (or use the following: (or use the following:

I wish your customer good luck with their experiments.

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