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Thank you for the assistance.
We are in the situation that we - with the exception of the antibody against Ceruloplasmin – don’t have any information whether the antibodies work for the perfusion-fixed, sucrose-immersed, cryostate sectioned brains that we will intend to use these antibodies on. Being responsible for the payment I am therefore a bit hesitant considering the only 5% discount to this relatively large order.
Would you be able to provide a larger discount so we could test this bacth of antibodies? If things works as we hope we would of course stick to you as the supplier of those antibodies.


My colleague Teresa has forwarded your request to our team.

I have checked the datasheets for the PFA- perfusion fixed frozen section application (IHC-FoFr), andthe antibodiesare all not tested for this. This means unfortunately, that we cannot guarantee the outcome.

However,I can offer a discount off a future purchase if you buyab36204, ab66219, ab83508and /or ab102998now, test it in IHC-FoFr and submit feedback to us in the form of an Abreview. It doesn’t matter whether the Abreview is positive or negative, we would just really like to receive your feedback. The discount would be to the value of 1 freeprimary antibodyper tested antibody.

If you are interested in this offer, please follow these steps:

1. Reply to this e-mail to let me know that you would like to proceed and test ab36204, ab66219, ab83508 and /or ab102998 in IHC-FoFr. I will then send a discount code. This code must be issued before purchasing ab36204, ab66219, ab83508 and /or ab102998 so please wait for my reply before ordering.

2. Purchase ab36204, ab66219, ab83508 and /or ab102998 either by phone, fax, or online (

3. Test it in IHC-FoFr.

4. Let us know the results, positive or negative, using our Abreview system (this will take about 10 minutes and images are great if you have them!). To find out how to submit an Abreview, please visit:

5. After the review is submitted to us, the discount code becomes active. Simply place your new order by phone, fax, or on the web and mention the discount code. The discount can be redeemed for anyprimary antibodyordered and the discount code is valid for 4 months after issue.

We are always pleased to obtain feedback about our products and any information is greatly appreciated! Even if ab36204, ab66219, ab83508 and /or ab102998 turns out to be unsuitable for IHC-FoFr, you will still receive the discount on your next purchase after your Abreview has been submitted.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this offer and I would be happy to help you further.

The Terms and Conditions of this offer can be found at:

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