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For the below antibodies I am looking for both isotype control and positive controls. It would be great if you could give the information for both in case you have them.
ab36204 --> Rabbit IgG
ab48614 --> Rabbit IgG
ab66219 --> Rabbit IgG
ab83508 --> Mouse IgG1
ab102998 --> Rabbit IgG
In the list I was asking for isotype controls, but still the positive controls would be interesting to know, too.
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Thank you for your clarification.

I can confirm the concentration of ab66219 (Batch: GR9812) of this ab is 1 mg/ml. The other antibody ab36204 (Lot: GR42382) is not affinity purified but whole antiserum so the IgG is not quantified. However, I can provide a range of the IgG: 10-15 mg/ml.

Isotype controls:

can be searched at this site:

ab36204, ab48614, ab66219, ab102998 --> Rabbit IgG - ab37406, ab125938, ab128142

ab83508 --> Mouse IgG1 - ab91353, ab27479, ab81032

Positive control:

ab36204 - CRMP4 - It is mainly expressed in heart and skeletal muscle and also strongly expressed in fetal brain and spinal cord (human, mouse or rat),

ab48614 --Ceruloplasmin - It is expressed by the liver and secreted in plasma,

ab66219 -- Oprl1 - Brain (cortex),

ab83508 -- NG2 - It is detected only in malignant melanoma cells, SK-MEL-28 cells,

ab102998 --B3GNT5- only tested in WB - Widely expressed. It is highly expressed in lung, colon, placenta, testis, pituitary gland and cerebellum, MDA-MB435 cell line

If you need any further assistance in the future, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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