Question (42307) | Cycloheximide, Protein synthesis inhibitor (ab120093)

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Phone call requesting information on how to open and how to handle Cycloheximide (ab120093).


Thank you for contacting us on Friday.

I have been over to have a look at the pot of Cycloheximide (ab120093) which you would have received. The compound comes in a tamper safe vial, which should have come with a light blue "key" to open the pot. If you no longer have this key, a strong piece of plastic or metal of about a centimeter and a half should work. Something like a 2 pence coin should work. Simply place on the top of the vial, between the two notches and twist the lid. If you have any problems please do let us know and I'll try to explain it better.

As for handling the compound, the exact precautions that need to be taken to handle it safely can be seen in detail in the MSDS (attached to this email). Oncethe vial has been opened itshould be stored at4 degreesunder desiccating conditions.Itshould notbefrozen.If you do not feel comfortable handling this sort of compound I would suggest asking one of your colleagues in your department (such as the safely officer) for advice.

I hope this information has been of help.If you require any further information please do not hesitate tocontact us again.

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