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Can I use this product, along with an antibody specific to an extracellular epitope that is pre conjugated to a fluorophore, to label non adherent tissue culture cells? If so, is there a protocol you suggest?


CyGEL is a Michelle structure and like most gels will not permit passive diffusion of macromolecules such and large proteins.

However, if the intention is to label cells with the tagged antibody in suspension and then wash and add them to CyGEL for mounting on a slide or in a well that is its ideal use. Once applied to the slide it will start to set. A coverslip can be added and then the CyGEL re-chilled to liquefy and allow the gel to spread under the coverslip.

This is the standard protocol for CyGEL.

Care should taken to avoid bubbles.

I hope that helps.Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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