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I have a question about the product ab13575 cyctochrome C antibody and its shelf life. I have read the product sheet and it says to keep ay 4oC for 1-2 weeks, but after that it should be kept at -20oC. How long can this product then be kept at -20oC and how many freeze thaw cycles can it go through?

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As you have stated, the anti-Cytochrome C antibody (ab13575) can be stored short term at +4 degC. However for longer term storage we would recommend storing the antibody at -20 degC or -80 degC. Antibodies typically remain active for ˜5 and ˜10 years at these temperatures respectively. We would advise avoiding freeze thaw cycles as this can significantly reduce the activity of the antibody, we would therefore recommend dividing the antibody into aliquots.

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