Question (6395) | Anti-Cytochrome P450 3A4/CYP3A4 antibody (ab3572)

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I am writing to you with reference to your antibody to Cytochrome P450 3A4 (ab3572). I need to screen quite large numbers of transgenic cyp3A4 regulatable cells that I am developing and consequently will need an antibody to cyp3A4. Before I purchase the antibody, I will need to know if it is applicable to my research use. Therefore would it be possible to send me a very small quantity (5 or 10microL) of your anti cyp3A4 for me to test prior to purchase? Many thanks for your time.


We do not routinely offer free or trial sized samples for testing purposes. Our policy at Abcam is that if an antibody does not work as specified on the datasheet, we will offer a replacement or reimbursement. This antibody has been tested in Western Blotting and cross reacts with human and rat. If you plan to use the antibody in an application other than Western Blotting, please let us know and I will look into offering you a discount on your first vial.

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