Question (53480) | Anti-Cytokeratin 4 antibody [6B10] (ab9004)

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Zebrafish specific antibodies for
- Epithelial cell marker
- Blood cells
- Mesenchymal cells
- Vascular muscle cells
- M-Cadherins
- Myo-D


I apologize for the delay.

Vimentin is a mesenchymal cell marker, ab8978 is tested in Zebrafish. It might be suitable for your purpose.

ab9004, ab9021, ab9217 are anti Cytokeratin 4,7 and 18. Against epithelial cell marker the antibodies is tested in Zebrafish.

Could you more specific to type of blood cell marker you are interested in?

We do not have anti M-Cadherin and Myo-D antibodies that could be used for Zebrafish. This assumption is based on the protein sequence similarity between human and Zebrafish. We unfortunately do not have antibodies against these target that might cross react.

I have attached a Excel file of all Zebrafish specific antibodies with immunogen sequence. This file will help you selecting the antibodies based on cross reactivity due to immunogen sequence homology.

I hope this information will be helpful. Should you have any other question please do not hesitate to contact me.

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