Question (30427) | Anti-Cytokeratin 8 antibody [M20] (ab9023)

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Phone call requesting free sample of ab9023.


Thank you for contacting us. I am sorry that the ab14053 is currently out of stock. Having looked into the suitability of ab9023 as a replacement I would now not recommend its use. Although some of our customers have used it successfully in mouse, we have also had several reports of it producing non-specific staining. I would therefore suggest and antibody such as ab59400 which has been tested with mouse samples and with ELISA, immunocytochemistry, immunohistochemistry and westernblotting. This is a rabbit polyclonal and is currently in stock. This antibody is covered by the Abpromise for the application and species you intend to use, it would therefore not qualify for a testing discount. This does however mean that if you are not satisfied with the results and we are not able to help you improve them, you would be eligable for a free replacement (or your choice) or a refund. If there is an alternative antibody that you prefer which has not been tested in mouse or for your application then I would be able to issue the testing discount.  If you feel the replacement suggested is not suitable replacement please could you give me the full details of what experiments you intend to do and I can see which antibody may match your criteria.

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