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ab32140 has been referenced in 9 publications.

  • Zhu Z  et al. PHB Associates with the HIRA Complex to Control an Epigenetic-Metabolic Circuit in Human ESCs. Cell Stem Cell 20:274-289.e7 (2017). WB ; Human . PubMed: 27939217
  • Harhouri K  et al. MG132-induced progerin clearance is mediated by autophagy activation and splicing regulation. EMBO Mol Med 9:1294-1313 (2017). ICC/IF . PubMed: 28674081
  • Wagenknecht N  et al. Contribution of the Major ND10 Proteins PML, hDaxx and Sp100 to the Regulation of Human Cytomegalovirus Latency and Lytic Replication in the Monocytic Cell Line THP-1. Viruses 7:2884-907 (2015). PubMed: 26057166
  • Full F  et al. Herpesvirus saimiri antagonizes nuclear domain 10-instituted intrinsic immunity via an ORF3-mediated selective degradation of cellular protein Sp100. J Virol 86:3541-53 (2012). PubMed: 22278248
  • Jiang M  et al. Functional reorganization of promyelocytic leukemia nuclear bodies during BK virus infection. MBio 2:e00281-10 (2011). WB . PubMed: 21304169
  • Tavalai N  et al. Evidence for a dual antiviral role of the major nuclear domain 10 component Sp100 during the immediate-early and late phases of the human cytomegalovirus replication cycle. J Virol 85:9447-58 (2011). WB . PubMed: 21734036
  • Schumacher U  et al. Mutations in the M112/M113-coding region facilitate murine cytomegalovirus replication in human cells. J Virol 84:7994-8006 (2010). PubMed: 20519391
  • Yuan J  et al. Breaking human cytomegalovirus major immediate-early gene silence by vasoactive intestinal peptide stimulation of the protein kinase A-CREB-TORC2 signaling cascade in human pluripotent embryonal NTera2 cells. J Virol 83:6391-403 (2009). PubMed: 19369332
  • Tavalai N & Stamminger T New insights into the role of the subnuclear structure ND10 for viral infection. Biochim Biophys Acta 1783:2207-21 (2008). PubMed: 18775455

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