Question (76807) | Anti-DDDDK tag antibody - (Equivalent to FLAG antibodies from Sigma) (ab122902)

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Inquiry: Will this anibody recognize the FLAG epitope at any position in the fusion protein (N-terminal, Met-N-terminal, C-terminal, or internal FLAG peptides) ?


This is a good question and difficult to answer. Antibodies to fusion protein tags usually detect without problems no matter where the tag is. However, you would be less likely to encounter any problems if the tag is on the N or C terminus rather than in the middle of the fusion protein sequence. It very much depends on whether the specific fusion protein you have is obscuring the antibody epitope. This would be difficult to know as it is different for each individual case.

I am sorry it is not possible to provide a more definite answer on this occasion. But I hope it is helpful. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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