Question (75281) | Anti-Dengue Virus prM glycoprotein antibody [DM1] (ab41473)

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I have a few quesitons regarding this antibody.


Q1. What cell type was infected with the virus in order to produce the immunogen?
A1: The mosquito cell line, C6/36, is used for growing virus.

Q2. How was the immunogen purified?
A2: Infected supernatant and lysate were used as immunogen. No purified protein was used.

Q3. Does this antibody bind to the PR peptide or to the mature protein?
A3: Sorry but we do not have any information on the specific epitope recognized by this clone. We do know that it seems the conformational epitope is mostly lost in the western blot which likely explains why DM1 reacts to all 4 dengue serotypes in a sandwich ELISA but only to dengue 2 in the western blot.

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