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Our customer has responded with the following;   Dear Abcam,   I really can’t waste any more time after something that is not relevant. I can’t waste anymore of my time putting and labeling figures to file a complaint, these figs can’t even make it to the paper, why should I be putting them together. I have run 3 westerns so far and 2 immunos and 1 ChIP, I seriously can’t afford any more time in this. DNMT3L was supposed to be the final bit in the paper and the most important part. The bands are at the perfect size. Gapdh at 37 and DNMT3L at 50 kD. hESCs and hIPSCs have been shown to express it so they are the positive control themselves. All we were looking for was difference in expression between disease and control human ips cells. Since we didn’t find any difference, we looked at localization where we were surprised to find it cytoplasmic. We looked again with different permeabilization protocols, still same results. Your AbReview shows DNMT3L to be nuclear which is correct and that’s how it should be, but its not in our case. So we stained negative control human fibroblast cell lines and again, staining was cytoplasmic where it should have been completely blank. Human fibroblasts can never express DNMT3L. Ofcourse, a secondary only control was used and it was blank, it is an obvious figure to attach, can’t be wasting my time doing it. Again, I can’t be wasting my time putting figures together in a paper like format when the stuff didn’t even work after spending months getting these cells to this stage and running these assays and finding out this. Antibody dilutions for IF have been used at 1:200 which is what is shown in the Abreview by a user for hESCs. Fits perfectly with our stuff. Should not have had a problem. We used BSA and milk both for westerns, BSA was shit and gave tons of background, 10% milk worked great.   I am sorry for the tone but I am extremely disappointed over this product. I have been a faithful abcam user bcoz it has been good with quality for which they demand expensive prices, but DNMT3L has been a bad experience. I can’t waste any more time in something that has not worked and I hope you understand. I demand a full-refund of the antibody purchased and replacement with a new and of course a different DNMT3L antibody that has some chance of being specific.   I wait for your response.   Kind Regards  


Thank you for providing some further information. I appreciate the time you have spent on these experiments in the laboratory and it is disappointing the results have not been successful. This is to let you know that I have just contacted and asked our Account Department to raise a credit note for you - for the cost of one vial of ab3493. For your information, the internal reference note for this credit is CNXXXX. You can use this credit to refund this troubled customer or to order any of the products which are in the catalogue. I hope this experience will not prevent you from purchasing other products from us in the future. Our Scientific Support team is always at your service should you require further expert advice. I hope this helps and if I can assist further, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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