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Thanks for your kindly reply, this customer reply your question as follow:

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Although the datasheet showed that it did not work in a straight WB. But the datasheet provided a direct Western data as well.

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The Dnmt3L expression vector.

YES, the vector contains full sequence of the target protein. The sequence has been check by DNA sequencing.

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No tag in the vector.

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We got the Dnmt3L -/- ES cell line that was KO by gene targeting disruption.We did not use siRNA to knockdown the target protein. So we did not have to checking the siRNA sequence.

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The KO line was well used and published previously and it has been checked by southern blot. We used the same KO line that was published in 2002 (please check the attached file figure 2). We got the KO line from the first author’s lab.

I also attached the results in this letter; the image shows he used the other primary antibody from other company to check the sample and it seems get a great result, could you please check it and help this customer to solve the problem.

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Thank you for your response and for sending some additional information and images. Your co-operation is very much appreciated.

I could offer your customer either a new vial as a free of charge replacement vial or a credit note which can be used in future purpose.

Please could you discuss with your customer and let me know how to proceed with this case.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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