Question (33899) | Donkey Anti-Goat IgG H&L (HRP) (ab6885)

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\Our customer is still complaining that all these 3 secondaries are not working. The group has experience inWBapplication as this is the major techniqueperformed in their lab.Unfortunatelly, they are very disapointed with these secondaries they received.


Thank you for contacting Abcam.

I am sorry that your customer is still having problems with these antibodies. As I mentioned in my previous email in November, could you provide me with the protocol that they are using and I can see if there is any information that I can give that will help.

Do the primary antibodies that they are using work when they use them with different secondary antibodies (not the ones they are having issues with?).

The antibodiesare covered under our Abpromise for six months and is guaranteed to work in western blot . If we cannot resolve the issue you are having with the antibody then I would be happy to either send a replacement antibody or to process a refund. However, we do need to have some description of the problem before we can issue you any replacement or a refund.

I look forward to your response and resolving this issue.

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