Question (12649) | Anti-Dopamine antibody (ab6427)

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Thanks for your quick response. I did check the web site but the info is not specific enough for me to understand the detailed procedures on how the DA is captured and if it needs to be separated from cell/tissue lysates before assaying and what's the sensitivity of the detection if it's quantitative.


We have additional information about capturing the DA as follows: After discussion with our research team, we think that the better way is to bind DA on your tissue via glutaraldehyde (0.1 to 1%). - Double bounds are reduced by adding of sodium borohydrure. - Tissue has to be wash for eliminate borohydrure excess. - You have also to make a competition scale between antibody and different concentration of the antigen DA-G-BSA. Had this medium on the tissue. - After revelation by a labelled anti-rabbit antibody, you finally have to estimate the competition rate between DA linked on tissue and soluble DA-G-BSA conjugate.

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