Question (32374) | Anti-Doublecortin antibody (ab18723)

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Here is my slide detailing the non-specific staining pattern observed with the last lot of the Rb antiDCx primary antibody (ab18723). Please feel free to contact me about additional questions


I have been talking to the lab about ab18723 and they have told me that theres been no change in purification with this ab but it is a tricky in terms of characterising and looking at the notes, it seems there is some variability from AP to AP regarding background staining. We don't batch test this in house in FrFl IHC but we do batch test this in FFPE IHC. The 2 AP's GR55971-1 and GR52629-1 were ones that passed in the hands of a collaborator. For lot GR55971-1, it was used at a 1/1250 dilution and their notes state that a lot of tweaking was necessary to obtain a good signal in relation to background. Lot GR52629-1 was used at 1/750 dilution but also showed a little background. I think generally it's just a case of lot to variability and both these lots were passed on the basis that the specific staining is more intense than the background. I hope that helps but if you need anything else then just let me know.

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