• Product name

  • Description

    Rabbit polyclonal to DR5
  • Host species

  • Specificity

    Does not cross react with DR4.
  • Tested applications

    Suitable for: IHC-P, WB, ICC/IFmore details
  • Species reactivity

    Reacts with: Mouse, Human
  • Immunogen

    Synthetic peptide corresponding to Human DR5 (C terminal). DR5 antibody was raised against a peptide corresponding to 20 amino acids near the carboxy terminus of human DR5 precursor. The immunogen is located within the last 50 amino acids of DR5.
    Database link: O14763
    (Peptide available as ab8449)

  • Positive control

    • IHC-P: Mouse kidney tissue. WB: HeLa and K562 whole cell lysate. ICC/IF: HeLa cells.
  • General notes

    For information on sample preparation for western blot, please refer here



Our Abpromise guarantee covers the use of ab8416 in the following tested applications.

The application notes include recommended starting dilutions; optimal dilutions/concentrations should be determined by the end user.

Application Abreviews Notes
IHC-P Use a concentration of 5 µg/ml.
WB Use a concentration of 2 µg/ml. Detects a band of approximately 60 kDa (predicted molecular weight: 47.8 kDa).
ICC/IF Use a concentration of 5 µg/ml.


  • Function

    Receptor for the cytotoxic ligand TNFSF10/TRAIL. The adapter molecule FADD recruits caspase-8 to the activated receptor. The resulting death-inducing signaling complex (DISC) performs caspase-8 proteolytic activation which initiates the subsequent cascade of caspases (aspartate-specific cysteine proteases) mediating apoptosis. Promotes the activation of NF-kappa-B. Essential for ER stress-induced apoptosis.
  • Tissue specificity

    Widely expressed in adult and fetal tissues; very highly expressed in tumor cell lines such as HeLaS3, K-562, HL-60, SW480, A-549 and G-361; highly expressed in heart, peripheral blood lymphocytes, liver, pancreas, spleen, thymus, prostate, ovary, uterus, placenta, testis, esophagus, stomach and throughout the intestinal tract; not detectable in brain.
  • Involvement in disease

    Squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck
  • Sequence similarities

    Contains 1 death domain.
    Contains 3 TNFR-Cys repeats.
  • Cellular localization

  • Information by UniProt
  • Database links

  • Alternative names

    • Fas like protein antibody
    • Apoptosis inducing protein TRICK2A/2B antibody
    • Apoptosis inducing receptor TRAIL R2 antibody
    • CD262 antibody
    • CD262 antigen antibody
    • Cytotoxic TRAIL receptor 2 antibody
    • Death domain containing receptor for TRAIL/Apo 2L antibody
    • Death receptor 5 antibody
    • DR5 antibody
    • KILLER antibody
    • KILLER/DR5 antibody
    • OTTHUMP00000123492 antibody
    • OTTHUMP00000123493 antibody
    • p53 regulated DNA damage inducible cell death receptor(killer) antibody
    • TNF related apoptosis inducing ligand receptor 2 antibody
    • TNF-related apoptosis-inducing ligand receptor 2 antibody
    • TNFRSF10B antibody
    • TR10B_HUMAN antibody
    • TRAIL R2 antibody
    • TRAIL receptor 2 antibody
    • TRAIL-R2 antibody
    • TRAILR2 antibody
    • TRICK2 antibody
    • TRICK2A antibody
    • TRICK2B antibody
    • TRICKB antibody
    • Tumor necrosis factor receptor like protein ZTNFR9 antibody
    • Tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily member 10B antibody
    • Tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily, member 10b antibody
    • ZTNFR9 antibody
    see all


  • All lanes : Anti-DR5 antibody (ab8416) at 1/500 dilution

    Lane 1 : HeLa whole cell lysate (7.5 µL (2 mg/mL) per well)
    Lane 2 : K562 whole cell lysate (7.5 µL (2 mg/mL) per well)

    Lysates/proteins at 15 µg per lane.

    All lanes : anti-rabbit IgG-HRP conjugated secondary at 1/10000 dilution

    Developed using the ECL technique.

    Predicted band size: 47.8 kDa

    Exposure time: 1 minute

    Run in transfer buffer at 130V for 2 hours (or until the dye front is close to the bottom). 

    After transfer, wash membrane in 1xTBST. 

    Incubate the membrane with blocking buffer overnight at 4°C with gentle agitation. 

    Dilute ab8416 to recommended dilution in 10mL of blocking buffer. Incubate membrane with ab8416 for 1 hour at room temperature. Wash 3 times x 10 minutes in washing buffer with gentle agitation.

    Dilute 1μL anti-rabbit IgG-HRP conjugated secondary in 10mL of blocking buffer to make a 1:10,000 dilution (can vary from 1:1,200 to 1:10,000). Incubate membrane for 1 hour at room temperature. Wash 3 times x 10 minutes in washing buffer with gentle agitation. 

    Running Buffer: 25mM Tris, 192 mM Glycine, 0.1% SDS.

    Transfer Buffer: 20mM Tris, 150mM Glycine, 20% Methanol, 0.038% SDS.

    Blocking Buffer: 5% non-fat dry milk, TBS.

    Wash Buffer (TBST): 125 mM NaCl, 25mM Tris pH 8.0, 0.1% Tween-20. 

  • Immunohistochemical analysis of DR5 expression in mouse kidney tissue with ab8416 at 5µg/ml.
  • Immunofluorescence of DR5 in HeLa cells with ab8416 at 20 μg/mL.

  • ab8416 at 5µg/ml staining DR5 in Hela cells by ICC/IF.

  • The image above is a xenograph of human cancer cells implanted into a nude mouse and allowed to grow for about three weeks. Notice only the human cancer cells expressed this antigen. This picture was kindly submitted as part of the reveiw by Dean Wilkie.


This product has been referenced in:

  • Azhary JMK  et al. Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress Activated by Androgen Enhances Apoptosis of Granulosa Cells via Induction of Death Receptor 5 in PCOS. Endocrinology 160:119-132 (2019). Read more (PubMed: 30423122) »
  • Jones JD  et al. Trabectedin Reduces Skeletal Prostate Cancer Tumor Size in Association with Effects on M2 Macrophages and Efferocytosis. Neoplasia 21:172-184 (2019). Read more (PubMed: 30591422) »
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Immunohistochemistry (Formalin/PFA-fixed paraffin-embedded sections)
Human Tissue sections (nasopharynx)
Antigen retrieval step
Heat mediated - Buffer/Enzyme Used: citrate buffer pH 6,0
Blocking step
Serum as blocking agent for 30 minute(s) · Concentration: 4% · Temperature: 25°C

Abcam user community

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Submitted Oct 01 2015

Immunocytochemistry/ Immunofluorescence
Human Cell (Hela cells)
Hela cells
Blocking step
Serum as blocking agent for 30 minute(s) · Concentration: 4% · Temperature: 25°C

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Submitted Sep 23 2015

Western blot
Human Tissue lysate - whole (skin biopsie)
Gel Running Conditions
Reduced Non-Denaturing (Native) (5-16% gel)
Loading amount
15 µg
see below
skin biopsie
Blocking step
BSA as blocking agent for 2 hour(s) and 0 minute(s) · Concentration: 5% · Temperature: 25°C

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Submitted Sep 22 2015

Western blot
Loading amount
10 µg
Gel Running Conditions
Reduced Denaturing
Human Cell lysate - whole cell (Mesothelioma)
siRNA and Radiation
Blocking step
Milk as blocking agent for 1 hour(s) and 30 minute(s) · Concentration: 5% · Temperature: 22°C

Dr. Saurabh Dayal

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Submitted Sep 02 2014


This antibody has been tested for mouse in Western Blot although the image is not available.
At Abcam, providing quality service is just as important as providing quality products. Our Abpromise® ensures that you can trust our products to perform as stated on the datasheets, or we will offer a replacement, credit, or refund.
The Abcam Abpromise® guarantee:
100% Scientific and Customer Support for any product you buy from Abcam or one of our authorized distributors.
We guarantee our products work in the tested species and applications stated on the datasheet.
We will replace or refund products not performing as stated on the datasheet if reported within 6 months of purchase.
We investigate any quality concerns raised by customers to ensure our catalog contains products that perform to the highest standards.
Please note these conditions to our Abpromise®:
Protocol information must be provided in order for the claim to be validated.
Antibodies tested in recombinant samples only are not guaranteed for use on endogenous samples.
“Predicted to react” information on the datasheets is provided for reference only and these species are not guaranteed.
Fast Track antibodies are covered for ELISA against the immunizing peptide only.
I hope this information is helpful, but please do not hesitate to contact us with further questions.

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Thank you for contacting us.

We normally issue the discount code prior to buying and testing the product. However, in this case, I am happy to make an exception. I have just issued a new code.

Thank you for your Abreview on this product, it is much appreciated and will be helpful to other customers. Just let me know if you need any more help.

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Western blot
Mouse Cell lysate - whole cell (Mouse embryonic fibroblast)
Loading amount
30 µg
Mouse embryonic fibroblast
Gel Running Conditions
Reduced Denaturing (8%)
Blocking step
Milk as blocking agent for 30 minute(s) · Concentration: 5% · Temperature: 20°C

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Submitted Nov 07 2012


Thank you very much for your interest in ab8416

We do not currently have an image of this antibody in western blot or IHC Therefore, I can offer a discount off a future purchase if you buy ab8416 now, use it in western blot or IHC and submit an image of your results to us in the form of an Abreview. The discount would be to the value of 1 free primary antibody.

It doesn’t matter whether the result is positive or negative, we would just really like to receive your feedback. Of course, if the results are negative you will be covered by our Abpromise guarantee and eligible for a refund or replacement.

If you are interested in this offer, please follow these steps:

1. Reply to this e-mail to let me know that you would like to proceed and send an image of ab8416 in western blot or IHC. I will then send a discount code. This code must be issued before purchasing ab8416 so please wait for my reply before ordering.

2. Purchase ab8416 either by phone, fax, or online (www.abcam.com).

3. Use it in western blot or IHC

4. Send us an image of the results, positive or negative, using our Abreview system (this will take about 10 minutes and images are great if you have them!). To find out how to submit an Abreview, please visit: https://www.abcam.com/abreviews.

5. After the review is submitted to us, the discount code becomes active. Simply place your new order by phone, fax, or on the web and mention the discount code. The discount can be redeemed for any primary antibody ordered and the discount code is valid for 4 months after issue.
Please remember that submission of the Abreview is sufficient for the discount code to become active.

We are always pleased to obtain feedback about our products and any information is greatly appreciated!

Please let me know if you have any questions about this offer and I would be happy to help you further.

The Terms and Conditions of this offer can be found at: www.abcam.com/collaborationdiscount.

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Thank you for your enquiry. Ab8414 has been successfully tested for application in Western blotting and ab8416 has been successfully tested for application in Western blotting and IHC-P (see customer review). We currently do not have any information about whether ab8414 and ab8416 activate or block the TRAIL 1 or 2 receptors. Please contact us again if you have any additional questions.

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Thank you for your question regarding the MW of DR5. The predicted MW of the human precursor protein is 47.8kDa according to SwissProt and the antibody ab8416 recognised a band just above the 55kDa MW marker in HeLa and K562 whole cell lysates. I have added an image illustrating our results on the datasheet so you can see those findings. The multiple bands you are experiencing could be due to a number of things: degradation of the protein, too much/too little blocking/ too much antibodies etc and we can certainly help you determine this if you can provide us with details of your protocol. I enclose a link to a short questionnaire which will help you put your protocol together easily if you would like our help, please do not hesitate to contact us: https://www.abcam.com/index.html?section=western&pageconfig=technical&intAbID=8416&mode=questionaire

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