Question (15834) | Anti-Dystrophin antibody [MANDRA1] (ab7164)

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Thank you for the information, but the problem is that I want to stain cultured cells instead of sections. Unlike these papers were the authors use cryosections, I have to fix the cells with something. Is this possible? and which fixative do you recommend? Regards,


Thank you for your e-mail. I would recommend using the same fixative that have been used in the references where staining was done on frozen section; unfortunately I cannot access those papers myself to find this information. I would suspect the fixation will be ice cold acetone or methanol (or a mixture) for 10min, so something similar would be a good starting point. If you have enough cells I would recommend trying in parallel a well with 4%PFA fixing (for 10min) just in case this works in ICC. I hope this will help you, could you please let me know how you get on and do not hesitate to contact me if you need further advice on your staining protocol,

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