Question (29265) | Anti-E Cadherin antibody [HECD-1] (ab1416)

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Thanks for your kindly reply, this customer already used a positive control (Huh7, is ab1416 abreview suggested), and the results seem no problem. Furthermore, this customer indicated she also used the ab53033 and conducted wb assay with the same condition as this time, and the results show strong signal, I attached the image in this letter, could you please help this customer to solve the problem?   Thanks for your kindly assistance.   Best regards


Thank you for sending the image. It may well be that the vial you have received was a bad vial which is why the antibody is not detecting the target although it is very strictly qc tested. If you are interested in trying the same antibody I can send you a free of charge replacement vial. A credit note or refund can also be provided if you are happy with the result of ab53033. I would also like to encourage you to submit an Abreview for ab53033; you will be awarded Abpoints that can be exchanged with Amazon vouchers. Let me know how you would like to proceed.

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