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Primary antibodies

Our portfolio of highly cited antibodies includes recombinant antibodies with unrivaled specificity.

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ELISA kits

Save time with consistent, sensitive, and specific immunoassay tools across 1,000 targets.

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Cell lines

Our high-quality, extensively validated gene-edited cell lines power faster progress.

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New Lab Program

Get a head start with our exclusive new lab discount. Enjoy 20% off and free shipping for three months.

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Immunoassay results 4x faster

With our 384-well SimpleStep ELISA® kits you can process 4 times more samples than a traditional ELISA format in the same 90 minutes.

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Find the problems, causes, and solutions to help you troubleshoot any issues in experiments for key applications.

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99% customer satisfaction

Get the robust results your research needs, with over 1,200 antibodies validated for commercial use (Annual Report 2022).


Most-cited antibodies

Our products are cited more than any other supplier’s, making us a trusted partner across the community (CiteAb, 2023).


We’re on your team

Our experts can help streamline your project, from creating tailored solutions all the way through to troubleshooting.


Designed for your needs

We offer rapid access to cutting-edge reagents wherever you are, whenever you need them, with flexible delivery options.

Progress happens together

We believe the scientific community goes further, faster when we go there together. That’s why we partner with life scientists around the world, providing research solutions to help accelerate the next breakthrough.

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