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Product reviews

Review our products, get rewarded, and help the scientific community.
Last edited Mon 02 Oct 2023

Our product reviews allow you to help other scientists by sharing your experience with our products. All reviews are displayed on our website, and you get rewarded for every review submitted.

To submit a review, first go to the data page for your product. At the top of the datasheet, you’ll see a rating from previous reviews. Click here to open a pop-up where you’ll see the reviews and the “Write a review” button.

How product reviews work


Perform your experiment: Use our product in your experiment. Be sure to record all the experimental details (eg species, sample type, dilutions).


Submit your review: Provide a review for your product by clicking on the rating at the top of the product’s datasheet, then selecting “Write a review”.

Your review should provide:

• Full experimental details

• An image of your experimental results

• A description of how well the product performed

• A star rating (1 – 5)

Our Scientific Support team will check that your review is accurate and contains all the necessary information before posting to our website.


Get your reward: Simply log on to your account to find your balance and redeem points for a discount on your next order. If you are purchasing through one of our distributors, just share your discount code with them to save on your next order.

US and EU: Submit a review before July 31, 2024, and you could win a brand-new Apple Watch. Terms and conditions apply.

Selected distributor countries: Publish a review for selected new products before September 30, 2024 and receive 500 additional bonus points worth $100. Terms and conditions apply.

Get in touch for further support or questions.

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