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ab290021 is the same product as ab110322.

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Reactive species

Human, Caenorhabditis elegans, Mouse, Cow, Rat

Reactivity data

Dilution info
1 µg/mL


Dilution info
10 µg/mL



Target data

What's included?

100 µg
Anti-Adenine Nucleotide Translocase (ANT) monoclonal antibody
1 x 100 µg
Incubation Solution
1 x 100 mL

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ab290021 is the same product as ab110322.

Key facts

Reactive species

Human, Caenorhabditis elegans, Mouse, Cow, Rat


Shipped at conditions

Blue Ice

Appropriate long-term storage conditions


Storage information



ab290021 is the same product as ab110322. All associated reference to ab110322 apply to ab290021.

This antibody can also recognise ADP/ATP translocase 2, SLC25A31, SLC25A5 and SLC25A6 due to homology of 93% in immunogen sequence.

ab290021 was produced in vitro using hybridomas grown in serum-free medium, and then purified by biochemical fractionation.

This antibody comes with an Incubation Solution which should be used as the diluent for Western blot (the antibody should notbe diluted in milk for incubations). The lab has found that diluting the antibody in this solution gives optimal results. Dilute the antibody to 1 ug/mL in neat Incubation Solution before use.

The following is a quick reference procedure guide for Western Blot, specific for ab290021:

1. Solubilize samples in SDS-PAGE sample buffer.

2. Heat sample to 37°C for 30 minutes.

3. Separate proteins on Tris-glycine 10-22% gradient gel 150 V ~ 2 hrs.

4. Soak gel in 50 mL CAPS buffer for 30 minutes.

5. Transfer to 0.45 μm PVDF membrane in CAPS buffer for 2 hrs at 0.15 A CAPS buffer : 10 mM 3-[cyclohexylamino]-1-propane sulfonic acid, pH 11 w/NaOH, 10% methanol ice cold throughout.

6. Block membrane for 3 hrs - overnight in 5% milk/PBS 4°C.

7. Wash blot 3 times for 5 mins PBS/0.05% Tween-20 with agitation. Followed by a final rinse in PBS.

8. Antibody diluted to concentration specified in supplied incubation solution for 2 hrs.

9. Wash blot 3 times in PBS/0.05% Tween-20 for 5 mins.

10. Incubate blot with secondary anti-mouse antibody diluted according to manufacturer's instructions in 1% milk/PBS for 2 hrs.

11. Wash blot 3 times in PBS/0.05% Tween-20 for 5 mins. Rinse blot in PBS.

12. Develop Blot: For alkaline phosphatase we recommend BCIP/NBT. For horseradish peroxidase we recommend ECL+.

Abcam is leading the way to address reproducibility in scientific research with our highly validated recombinant monoclonal and recombinant multiclonal antibodies. Search & select one of Abcam's thousands of recombinant alternatives to eliminate batch-variability and unnecessary animal use.

If you do not find a host species to meet your needs, our catalogue and custom Chimeric range provides scientists the specificity of Abcam's RabMAbs in the species backbone of your choice. Remember to also review our range of edited cell lines, proteins and biochemicals relevant to your target that may help you further your research goals.

Abcam antibodies are extensively validated in a wide range of species and applications, so please check the reagent specifications meet your scientific needs before purchasing. If you have any questions or bespoke requirements, simply visit the Contact Us page to send us an inquiry or contact our Support Team ahead of purchase.

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